Third Annual
48 Hour Photgraphy Competition

"...the most grandiose result of the photographic enterprise is to give us the sense that we can hold the whole world in our heads-as an anthology of images."

-Susan Sontag

2012 Winners

First Place

Olivia Klawonn - Severe Crops; The Easiest Theme

Second Place

Ethan Sturm - Diminished Glory; Once Upon a Time in an Alternate Reality; Passion Misdirected

Third Place

Sophia Abouelata - Clear Sands


Highest Point Total

1- Lindsey Orrin

2- Leigh Cooper

3- Olivia Klawonn


Highest Average Score

1- Olivia Klawonn

2- Rachel Saap

3- Lauren Mincey


Category Winners

Alone in a Crowd - Sophia Abouelata

Clear Sands - Sophia Abouelata

Diminished Glory - Rachel Saap

Edge of Civilization - Sophia Abouelata

Everything but the Kitchen Sync - Sophia Abouelata

Growing up is Optional - Leigh Cooper

Illogic Abounds - Laura Robinson

Once Upon a Time in an Alternate Reality - Lauren Mincey

Passion Misdirected - Ethan Sturm

Pre-Classical Post-Modern Neo-expressionism - Olivia Klawonn

Procrastinators unite (tomorrow) - Olivia Klawonn

Severe Crops - Josie Nadaud

The Easiest Theme - Olivia Klawonn

The F Stops Here - Olivia Klawonn

There's No Crying in the Darkroom - Michael Crenshaw

Uncommon Perspective - Amanda Lineberry

Under-Celebrated Holidays - Olivia Klawonn

Vibrant Greys - Leigh Cooper

Where Has the Rim Gone? - TaiLun Chiang

Sdrawkcab Gnikrow - Lauren Mincey

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The Basics

The 48 Hour Photography Competition is a time-restricted competition designed to test your photographic skills and your ability to be creative on the fly.

Step 1: Register online and receive your entry number. Registration for the 2012 event begins February 14, 2011.

Step 2: Check back between April 14, 2012, 12:00 AM EST and May 13, 2012, 11:59PM EST to receive the themes.

Step 3: Get creative, you only have 48 hours to shoot as many themes as you can as creatively as possible. Themes may only be used once, but can be combined for extra points. You are NOT required to complete all 20 themes.

Step 4: Submit your images online before the clock runs out.

Step 5: Our judges will evaluate your photos and winners will be announced May 31, 2012.