"The photographic image ... is a message without a code."

-Roland Barthes

2012 Winners

First Place

Olivia Klawonn - Severe Crops; The Easiest Theme

Second Place

Ethan Sturm - Diminished Glory; Once Upon a Time in an Alternate Reality; Passion Misdirected

Third Place

Sophia Abouelata - Clear Sands


Highest Point Total

1- Lindsey Orrin

2- Leigh Cooper

3- Olivia Klawonn


Highest Average Score

1- Olivia Klawonn

2- Rachel Saap

3- Lauren Mincey


Category Winners

Alone in a Crowd - Sophia Abouelata

Clear Sands - Sophia Abouelata

Diminished Glory - Rachel Saap

Edge of Civilization - Sophia Abouelata

Everything but the Kitchen Sync - Sophia Abouelata

Growing up is Optional - Leigh Cooper

Illogic Abounds - Laura Robinson

Once Upon a Time in an Alternate Reality - Lauren Mincey

Passion Misdirected - Ethan Sturm

Pre-Classical Post-Modern Neo-expressionism - Olivia Klawonn

Procrastinators unite (tomorrow) - Olivia Klawonn

Severe Crops - Josie Nadaud

The Easiest Theme - Olivia Klawonn

The F Stops Here - Olivia Klawonn

There's No Crying in the Darkroom - Michael Crenshaw

Uncommon Perspective - Amanda Lineberry

Under-Celebrated Holidays - Olivia Klawonn

Vibrant Greys - Leigh Cooper

Where Has the Rim Gone? - TaiLun Chiang

Sdrawkcab Gnikrow - Lauren Mincey

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2011 Winners

First Place

Lance King - Chase the Morning

Second Place

Gretchen Robards - Dance Like Nobody's Watching

Third Place

Sharon Mann - A Still, Small Voice


Highest Point Total

Benjamin Woodruff


Highest Average Score

TaiLun Chiang


Category Winners

War of the Roses - Gretchen Robards

Backward and In High Heels - Elizabeth Owsley

A Still, Small Voice - Sharon Mann

Pushing the Limits - Sharon Mann

Spliting the Adams - Bekki Dunlap

Take That to the Bank - Elaine Nelson

It Builds Character - TaiLun Chiang

Hard at Rest - Robin Archer

Chase the Morning - Lance King

MacGyver Ain't Got Nothing on Me - Benjamin Woodruff

Dance Like Nobody's Watching - Gretchen Robards

Alien in My Own World - Samantha Sefton

Visual Haiku - Elizabeth Owsley

Not Your Grandma's... - Gretchen Robards

Thanks Hallmark - Hayley Ellis

Better Living Through Ilfotec - Elizabeth Owsley

Steer it Up - Taylor Gunarson

2% of the Subject - Bekki Dunlap

Angel's Share - Bekki Dunlap

Composed in F-flat - Benjamin Woodruff

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2010 Winners

First Place

Sarah Harris - It's a Sign

Second Place

Payton Benko - There is No Spoon

Third Place

Linda Waterhouse - Eye of the Beholder


Most Points

Lori Rizzo


Highest Average Score

Colton Newgent


Category Winners

Picasso In Four Dimensions - Payton Benko

Out, Out Damn Spot - William Tyler

Beauty Steals Inward - Colton Newgent

Comparable To Herding Cats - Linda Waterhouse

Conceptual Inertia - Linda Waterhouse

Not As Symmetrical As It Might Seem - Summer Rizzo

Through The Looking Glass - Amy Courtney

Involved In A Land War In Asia - William Tyler

One Fish Two Fish - Kelsey Shockley

Tangled Webs - Payton Benko

Simple Pleasures - Colton Newgent

Peons Assemble - Angela Lefond

Perfect Flaws - Lori Rizzo

Swine Flew - Linda Waterhouse

Indistinguishable From Magic - Benjamin Woodruff

Sounds Better With A Foreign Accent - Payton Benko

It's A Sign - Sarah Harris

Eye Of The Beholder - Linda Waterhouse

There Is No Spoon - Payton Benko

What's In A Frame - William Tyler

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