"The photographic image ... is a message without a code."

-Roland Barthes

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered here drop us a line at chamberlainstudios@gmail.com, this page will be updated regularly.

"I already have a picture that is just perfect, can I submit it?" - No, all images must be shot in the competition window. Likewise, copy negatives are not allowed.

"I shoot film, can I still enter?" - No, in past years, we have allowed film entrants, but due to the nature of the sliding window nature of the competition, it is impossible to provide a reliable method of time authentication.

"Can I crop my photos?" - Yes, cropping is essential to the integrity of any photograph. You are not limited to the aspect ratio provided by your camera. You should not, however, resample the photo. Remember, post-shoot cropping is meant to perfect the photo, not correct the photo.

"What happened to the cookout?" - It was our desire that the cookout provide a forum for networking and photographic discussion. During previous competitions contestants did not utilize this time for that purpose. The planning comittee has decided that the cost of the cookout outweighed the benefits. We have eliminated the cookout in an effort to both reduce the entry fee and increase the prize pool.